Hippie(ly) Holi ever after!

Let us take the air,
Meet ourselves in the trance,
Admire the fleeting moment,
Discuss the colors that are left behind,
Collect souvenirs for the ones on our mind,
Then sit on the holy ghats and strum chords as the trip dissolves into the night.

If the idea of tripping on colors, trance and exotica gives you a high, think no further than Pushkar. Roll those Alibaba pants for a hippie(ly) Holi ever after.

Pushkar is a boho town rich with cultural diversity, from hippies to representatives of other subcultures and, of course, ordinary tourists. Hippie’s hoola hooping their way across the city, to locals settling deals with their dreadlocked touristy counterparts is a common sight. Apparently they arrive for Holi but end up soul soaked in the city for months. Thus, you will definitely cross paths with people from all over the globe more of whom are those who embrace the hippie culture. They adorn themselves in traditional silver jewelry, ethnic clothes, leather bags, harem pants, funky accessories which are available at reasonable prices in Pushkar. Numerous strangers walk the streets and rest on the ghats overlooking the Pushkar Lake only to stay a little longer than planned. So while ordering a falafel if the local vendor speaks fluent Hebrew remember you are in Pushkar.

Holi is more like a global festival in Pushkar.

The grand celebration starts on the eve of Holika Dahan, typically after sunset as the pyre is lit. The whole town is a rave. The streets are full power on electronic music being played on mega speakers. The town square popularly known as the Bharma Chowk is high on celebration as the local signers attune the dancers to their beat.

Pushkar is a live kaleidoscope on the day of Holi.

It a blend of humans, holy cows and colors. Be prepared to be blown away.

The town square is filled with people dancing to the beats of electronic music pounding on full volume on mega speakers. Colors explode in clouds of blue, pink, red, yellow, green, orange like particles dancing to form patterns inside a kaleidoscope. Holi in Pushkar is also a photographer’s delight as they capture moments from the roof tops of shops and cafes flanked all around the town square. Don’t wear your favorite tee as it will make its way to a power line spanning across Bharma Chowk with hundreds of other tees drenched in Holi colours. In is an intimate experience wherein you can expect everyone or anyone to spray or splash dry and wet holi colors on you.

While strolling on the streets a little farther from the maddening crowd the city remains upbeat. Strangers will spread colors on you, greet you a happy Holi, some ‘uptown funks’ will hug you, kids with spill a little water on you, invariably you may come across people dancing in a group of few lost in their little space. It is like a colorful yet animated movie. Too 5D to be real!

Be lost in the crowd tripping on 5D or keep walking the streets trying to unlock the reality.

Reminder: Holi is a festival which celebrates the symbolic victory of good over evil.

Be good.

Be safe.

Don’t get too unruly also do not let others be rude on you.

Full power to a hippie(ly) Holi ever after!


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